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The History of Thalassotherapy


L'Egype - Antiquité

Known since ancient times by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans, the therapeutic benefits of sea bathing and marine mud have long been recognised and used to treat wounds, burns and wounds.



Ambroise Paré highlighted the properties of seawater as early as the 16th century, prescribing seawater baths for their astringent and warming properties.

Ambroise Paré


Thalasso Dessin 1753

In 1753, Dr Richard Russell wrote “A Dissertation on the Use of Sea Water”, the first modern treaty to affirm the healing benefits of seawater in which he advocated the need to drink seawater, to bathe in it and to eat all things marine in which its properties are concentrated.

In the space of one century, 60 baths were created in England.



The 19th century saw the beginnings of Thalassotherapy in France

In 1865, seawater baths took on a whole new dimension thanks to Dr La Bonnardière. It was he who coined the word “Thalassotherapy”, derived from the Greek words “thalassa”, meaning the sea, and “therapeia”, meaning treatment.

From then on, thalassotherapy would recommend the use of not only seawater but also algae, sand and the marine climate.

Dessin Thlassothérapie

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